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MzAySes in Red with BlueTom_edited.jpg
MzAySes in Red with BlueTom_edited.jpg
MzAySes in Red with BlueTom_edited.jpg

Each of these square pics is Record Album COVER ART.  Listed not in order of the beginning of her career to now, but rather in order of the whims of the artist MzAySes, forgive the little bit of chaos here for that, as the album order is not to MzAySes as important and so the albums will vary in the order they are presented and will change in order of layout as she grows forward.  Currently MzAySes has many bodies of musicwork out in the world, which this websites aptly demonstrates.
Please, enjoy, welcome.

& if you like it=

check out her social media links located on each page to directly connect with Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Amazon Music, and SoundCloud= These are ACTIVE LINKS FOUND ON EVERY PAGE ON THIS WEBSITE =to see all MzAySes' music to download, and learn where you can support this artist and buy her record for your own music collection. or just enjoy Pinterest with her or just connect to MzAySes.

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