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Submitting demos to play with MzAySes? We accept links only (no physical copies or Mp3, please).

AND OR VISIT MzAySes DIRECTLY on KOMPOZ where a lot of her internationally-made music is done. Kompoz has a great STUDIO FLOOR ONLINE TO MAKE MUSIC.

PLEASE NOTE= 2023 BOOKED for the most part

NO NEW MUSIC AVAILABLE TO COLLAB WITH but you can always approach with a KOMPOZ-hosted project, we have room for bits here and there... you never know until you present the idea..

winkwink~music making is what we do. you now know where we are.

feel free to join us.~winkwink 

THE SOCIAL MEDIA MUSIC STREAMING PLUGS  found on laptop/tabletop computers to the right and on mobile devices at the end of the page... you will see popular logo links to all our fav places to be... check each one out to find MzAySes EVERY TIME.~winkwink

otherwise leave a message below.

Thanks for submitting!

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